Dear friends of dog sport,

welcome to the website of the 25. World Championship FCI IGP-FH 2019.

Time schedule:

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Dear friends of dog sport, 

after more than 20 years, Czech Republic will organizze the World Championship based on the international regulations IGP-FH. The last World Championship in Czech Republic was in 1998 in Chomutov.

In 2019, in the period between April 10th and April 14th 2019, it will be at Horni Briza and surroundings, near the city of Pilsen. The organizers of this Championship already have experience, they organized four breed world championships of giant schnauzer. The last time on 2017, they organized the world championship IPO 3 and IPO-FH of this breed. They also organized two Czech Republic Championships of Belgian Shepherds and in 2018 they had the opportunity to test again their team work organizing the International Championship of Czech Republic of the German Shepherd Dog Club.

The organizing experience and the wide spaces needed to lay the tracks are a good pre-requirement to organize such an important event as the Tracking World Championship. In Czech Republic this discipline has a strong tradition in dog training.

It is also possible to state that, despite the ever-increasing number of areas of dog sport, there are more and more dog sport lovers that are interested in this high standard sport in the "royal category" on the track as it is IGP-FH is. The number of competitors that sign up for a selection competition as the Czech Republic Championship increases every year, normally it exceeds the maximal number that may start at this competition. There are six competitions, with maximal 54 competitors.

The high level is confirmed with the previous results at the previous world championships. We already have a lot of champions and vice-champions in the world in this discipline.

Welcome in a Country where tracking has a strong background in dog sport. This is confirmed by the fact that the Czech Cynology Association has recorded track layers, that are tested and, based on their performance, divided into classes.

I wish all participants a pleasant stay and many pleasant experiences, not only in the sport, but also to meet old and new friends and get to know a new and beautiful region, where a small 25th Tracking World Championship will take place.

Bc. Jiří Lasík

Master of the Championship