Judges & Helper

Erwin Patzen - Switzerland, supervisor

I was born 7th March 1953 in Switzerland - Poschiavo/Graubünden.

With my firstPolo von Parisi, I took part in the World Championship 1994 and won 1st place. With the other 4 dogs - Aiax Haus Hartmann, Klein von dei drei Tannen, Ally vom Hause Patzen, Amy vom Hause Iten I participated in the IGP-FH hunting trackers.

Triple participation in the European Championship has earned me the title Master of Europe. I also took part with Kleo 6 times at the IPO and WUSV championships.

During my 41 years at the police I worked for 30 years as a coach of police dogs. The most demanding was the purchase of puppies for new handlers and their subsequent basic training up to their special abilities. During these years, I myself owned a police dog and participated in various competitions.

In 1996 I became a judge. Since then, I have been several times at national and international events.

I would like to thank FCI for their trust and I look forward to working as a supervisor on the 25th MC FCI IGP-FH 2019.

Daniele Peres

Born on 8 December 1948 in Udine, residing in Campoformido (Udine).

Since 1979 FCI IPO International judge for civil protection and rescue in the water and in possession of the license Water Trial for Cao De Agua Portuguese. Since 1975 dog handler and dog trainer of 6 German shepherd dogs, of which 5 have received the title SCH 3. In 1983 he took part in the European Championship in Kassel. 1984 he achieved the 1st place at the S.A.S.  Social Championship.

Positions held:

International judge at several World Championships of different breeds: Malinois, Boxer, Rottweiler and Judge FCI - IPO FH in 2014 in Croatia. Judge at the 26th FCI World Championship in Nova Gorica (SLO) - Phase A - 2016.

Team leader of the Italian team in various championships.

Currently Regional President of the Section S. A. S. Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Peter Lengvarský - Slovakia

Born: September 24th 1969 Vranov nad Topľou, Slowakei

I completed my first competitions with my dog in the year 1986

the dog training professionally practiced

with 7 dogs I reached the level IPO 3, I took over 30 exams with different dogs

Participation at the World Championship WUSV:

- 1993 Niemegen (NL)
- 1994 Hradec Králové (CZ)
- 1996 Turku (FIN)
- 2005 Hagenau (F)
- 2006 Randers (DK)

Participation at the World Championship IPO:

- 1994 Varese (I)
- 1995 Luxemburg (L)
- 2005 Nova Gorica (SLO)
- 2006 Breda (NL)

Participation at the World Championship IPO FH:

- 1994 Bruck an der Leitha /A/
- 1997 Frederikssund (DK) - 2. Place
- 1998 Yverdon (CH)
- 1999 Chomutov (CZ)
- 2000 Bad Doberan (D) - 2. Place
- 2002 Vranov nad Topľou - 2. Place
- 2008 Vranov nad Topľou - 3. Place
- 2009 Chalon d. Champagne (F) - 6. Place
- 2010 Grosuplje / SLO/ - 4. Place

I was several times Slovakian Champion

I participated at lots of CACIT - trials - in Slowakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Belgium, Hungary and Holland

Team leader at the WM IPO FH in the years 2001, 2003, 2007,2009

Since 1991 judge for performance

Several times in qualification competitions to the World Championships IPO, FH, WUSV, as well as to the CACIT - competitions not only in Slovakia, but also in Belgium, Poland, Russia, Estonia and in Ukraine, Austria.


Libor Loužek - leader A

Jaroslav Hartl - A

Václav Petrášek -  A

Bc. Petr Uher -  A

Mgr. Jiří Tyc - cross A

Ing. Zbyněk Novák - leader B

Ivan Lahuta -  B

Želimír Nevrlý - B

Jan Václavek - B

Simona Janoušková - cross B